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Concert Review: Glass Mansions and others at Syc House

Our DJ Tim Rueda went to a show on the 12th at Syc House here in Fayetteville to see Glass Mansions with Francis & The Foundation and Witchsister. Tim also did an interview with the  band live on air that we’ll post soon. -Ed.

At its core, I believe that a concert review is about an experience. Sure, there’s the music and the band members, but what really makes a concert special is the social nature of live music: its spontaneity. The atmospheric context makes a difference, so let me tell you about a night of music at the Syc House.

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Concert Review: Adam Torres

DJ Tim Rueda wrote a lovely review of Adam Torres’ concert on February 11. This is his first article for KXUA, and hopefully there will be more to come. -Ed. 

When I walked into Stage 18, I was greeted by the white walls covered with hanging art and the powerful purple backdrop being used for the upcoming concert that I had shown up for. The display called back to this month’s first Thursday and the venue’s grand opening. The purple lights splashed across the walls and acoustic guitar strumming echoed. Adam Torres was in the middle of his sound check, and after a moment he resolved to lower the guitar’s mic. He decided that it sounded more even. I told the bouncer who I was and sat down in the back row with my notepad, biding my time for the show.

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KXUA 2017 Vision Update: Changes Subtle And Not So Subtle

In case you haven’t seen our last post about it, we’ve been in the process of making some improvements here at the station. We’ve completed our first goal by joining, which greatly improves both the listener experience and makes our work behind the scenes easier. But there’s some other things we’ve tweaked that we’d like to share.

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