Drive-in Speakerbox October 22nd 2007 podcast

Howdy Folks,

This weeks show was a lot of fun, I played music from the following:


The Omega Man - Ron Grainer - (1971)
Fright Night - Brad Fidel - (1985)
A Touch of Evil - Henry Mancini - (1958)
The Dead Zone - Michael Kamen - (1983)
House 2: The Second Story - Harry Manfredini - (1987)
The Howling - Pino Donaggio - (1981)
Ravenous - Damon Albarn & Michael Nyman - (1999)
Dellamorte Dellamore - Manuel Du Sica - (1994)


The last hour of the show was music from films that will be shown at a local horror film festival I'm helping put together. For those of you that aren't local then, sucks for you, cause it's going to be fun! It will be going on all this's the flyer. It's in Mullins Library Room 104!

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