The Oxford American Southern Music Issue

I've parlayed one of the great artists I've discovered while doing Mystery Train into an article in the Oxford American's new music issue. Go to my blog to read my contribution and take a gander at Teddy Grace in motion. Here's some of Pitchfork's take:

Don't think of the Oxford American Music Issue 2007 as a magazine with a free CD. Instead, think of it as an inexpensive CD with really long liner notes. For more than a decade, the magazine has devoted a full issue each year to exploring the darker corners of Southern music, drawing in a phalanx of writers-- including three from the Pitchfork stable this year-- to help determine a tracklist of old and contemporary obscurities. Representing a range of knowledge that is cumulatively broad but personally deep, the Music Issue covers a wide swathe of time, with songs ranging from the earliest days of recorded sound (the oldest on the new CD is Don Redman's "That Blue Eyed Baby from Memphis", from 1932) to the latest releases (the most recent, the Hackensaw Boys' "Look Out Dog, Slow Down Train", was released in June 2007).

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