Favorite Venue? A Fayetteville Living room!

If you aren't in Fayetteville you might not know that the real music scene isn't on Dickson or in any of the other bars or any other venues around town. It's happening in people's houses. When asked in a recent Pitchfork what their favorite venue is Danish band Slaraffenland said:

"We played a show in the US this March in Fayetteville, it was a house show in a very small cottage, like a living room. It was a very new experience for us to play such a show like in someone's living room. And we were playing with American Princes and Catfish Haven, so it was totally great, like 50 people standing by right in front of you. It was very intense. But it was a very good experience. So maybe it's not even a venue, but it was a very cool experience for us. We don't have house shows over here, it's not that kind of place."

full interview

There you go! So if you are band on the road looking for a place to play, look no further than the homes of Fayettevillains!

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