The Drive-in Speakerbox Christmas Special

Ho Ho Howdy folks!

Christmas completely snuck up on me again and knifed me in the back with its frosty katana of holiday cheer. Malls are flooded with last minute shoppers who will produce frowns from relatives young and old when that crappy last minute gift has to be returned as soon as they leave. Times filled with holiday treats that you choke down just because "they worked so hard on it" and sitting around the tree exchanging gift cards to various stores that may or may not go out of business in a few months, when you could have just not traded gift cards at all and spent your own money on yourself...but it's the spirit of giving that counts right? There's just something about the bitter cold, deadly driving conditions, blood thirsty bargain shoppers, selfish whiny brats, and increase in cholesterol that brings out the good in all of us!

So here's my gift to you! Another Christmas special of the most selfish kind. That's right, it's all my favorite holiday movies that get me in the holiday spirit. Don't question my choices! It's Christmas music and you'll damn well like it. There's no receipt for returns or exchanges on this one!


Christmas Carol - Bernard Herrman (1954 TV)
Batman Returns- Danny Elfman (1992)
Die Hard- Micheal Kamen (1986)
Chopping Mall- Chuck Cirino (1986)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Various (1990)
The Transformers- Vince DiCola (1986)
How the Grinch Stole Christmas- Boris Karloff & MGM (1966)
A Charlie Brown Christmas- Vince Guaraldi (1965)


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