Plastic Magic 6-15-09 (The History of Southern Rock Pt.2)

Hey kids, this is part two of my little southern rock feature shows for summer. This is a genre of music that is very important to me and one i think is somewhat over looked. 1970's Southern rock is a unique blend of blues, jazz, and country music, sometimes played with unusual band set ups like three guitars and or dual trap kit drummers. Most of these bands featured here all knew each other and toured a lot together back in the 70's and 80's. This could also serve as a beginners guild to Capricorn Records of Macon, GA in the 70's and muscle shoals studios. There is a lot i missed but it's hard to put a decade into a 4 hour project. some bands featured include: BAREFOOT JERRY, LEON RUSSELL, BLACK OAK ARKANSAS, LYNYRD SKYNYRD, JOHNNY WINTER and highlights from the VOLUNTEER JAM '75 and much more. Co-hosted with Butch Taylor...DOWNLOAD HERE:: Magic 6-15-09 (southern Rock Pt.2).mp3

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