Cornflakes at Midnight: Mental Health show – Monday, Nov.9

Cornflakes at Midnight
Monday, November 9, 2009 @ midnight
Monday, November 9, 2009 @ midnight

Because Nov. 13 is To Write love on Her Arms Day, I thought a good theme for this Monday's Cornflakes would be mental health/addiction.  I will be playing artists that have had problems with drugs & addiction, but I really want to focus on mental health/illness in music. Not only the bands that struggle with depression, bipolar, anxiety etc., but the listeners who are affected by these things as well, and how music influences that aspect of their lives. If you have any suggestions as to what musicians/songs I should feature or any stories or thoughts about music and mental health, let me know.
My home town is having a bit of their own mental health breakdown, so I will be discussing that aswell. You can find more information about this story, here.
Email: with your thoughts about what should be discussed on this weeks show, and share ideas you have about future episodes of Cornflakes at Midnight. Mondays 12-2am.

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