ART AMISS 11 Music Compilation

Art Amiss

Art Amiss 11 was Wednesday, November 11th, 2009 at the Dickson Street Theater. The first 200 people who walked in the door with paid admission received a 12 song CD of Arkansas music artists compiled by yours truly, DJ EJ, and featured one of two label designs by Brian Wolf. The bands/artists are all from the Great State of Arkansas, representing genres from blues to hard rock, folk to r&b, jazz to underground hip-hop...and more!

Didn't make it to Art Amiss 11? Get there too late to get a CD? Live far away from Fayetteville, Arkansas? Fear not! Click on the link to download the compilation containing all twelve original songs by twelve Arkansas artists, CD label designs by Fayetteville artist Brian Wolf, and background info/bios about the bands!!

Art Amiss 11 Music Compilation

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