the tea with key… a year end recap of the best and the worst

when all is said and done its not how good or bad you were this year, ITS IF THEY EVEN REMEMBER YOU!
So i started this thing called my H.A.M. AWARD (hot ass mess) and i had people calling in their votes all December..... the winner.... LADY GAGA
no surprise, although she is my idol. straight people just don't get whats up with her clothing selection, her wild videos, or her off the wall performances.
So on my fans behalf i have uploaded a clip of her performing for the queen.
BTW i know we have a new way of downloading the show... it takes you to another web site, but fear not its not a trick trying to get inside your computer.SO GO AHEADCLICK HERE FOR MY BEST ATEMPT TO REMEBER 2009

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