THE GUTTER!!!!++ D.R.I.!!!

No, I did not get D.R.I. to the studio, but the Lyzrd and I went and saw them in Tulsa OK this past Friday, January 22, 2010 at the Marquee.
For those who do not know, D.R.I. played a pivotal role in what we now call THRASH! They formed in 1982 in Houston, TX with Dennis Johnson on bass, Eric Brecht on drums, Kurt Brecht doing vocals, and Spike Cassidy on guitar. The name D.R.I., or, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles was due to Kurt and Eric's father who apparently did not appreciate loud music. This dislike is also evident in the song "Mad Man" which is featured in my eight song D.R.I. block near the middle of the podcast. Aside from Spike and Kurt, the founding members in the band, the drum and bass line up has changed a number of times. At the show I saw in Tulsa, and I guess even as far back as when I last saw D.R.I. in 2002 in Houston, the bassist was Harald Oimoen and Rob Rampy played drums, as they have been with the band for about 11 years.
I got a chance to talk to the band after the show, although I am sorry to say I did a pretty crappy job of staying on task. One thing they wanted to get out there was the re-release of their 1987 album "Crossover" on April 13, 2010. It is available on Beer City Records.

Enjoy this shaky video I took at the show and download my totally awesome podcast!!!


My Kind-Of Interview!

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