ARKANSAS PUNK!! Compilation Download Link

Poster design by Joëlle Storet

The Art Amiss and KXUA 88.3FM sponsored Arkansas Punk music compilation was released on Saturday, February 6th, 2010, at Smoke & Barrel tavern in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Four bands on the compilation - Genome Chomsky, The Plaid Jackets, Fire Don't Care, and Magic Hassle - played to a packed house of rowdy punks. The first 100 people in attendance each received a uniquely packaged CD copy of the compilation. If you were the 101st body through the door or you live nowhere near Arkansas, fear not! Here's the link to download the entire 22 song compilation, including the track list, band bios, and CD label and advertising poster artwork. Enjoy and share with the favorite punks in your life...

Arkansas Punk Compilation

~ Eric "DJ EJ" Jensen, Art Amiss/KXUA 88.3FM

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