Illustration by Joëlle Storet

If anyone can step back and take the long view of the history of the DJing scene in Fayetteville, DJ Derrick can. From spinning in Yocum Hall and countless fraternity and sorority parties, to DJ battles in the Union, and the current Dickson Street scene, DJ Derrick has done it all. These days you can catch him on Friday nights at Rogue Lounge, but this past Wednesday, DJ Derrick joined me in the KXUA studio for an informative interview and a superbly-crafted hip-hop/R&B live mix. Missed the broadcast and feeling left out? Chin up...here are the downloads you need to keep dancing. First, here's the whole broadcast, including the interview and live mix:

Wheels of Steel 09-01-10

And here's the live mix by itself...75 minutes of hip-hop from three different decades with a tempting taste of R&B thrown in (including the Toni Braxton song I requested!):

DJ Derrick Live Mix

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