WHEELS OF STEEL – Disco and Electro and Dance Parties, oh my!

Beat Bachs, Baby Armie, and DJ Nicholas Scott

Yes indeed...there was a scary amount of dance music in the KXUA studio that night! On October 27th, Beat Bachs, Baby Armie, and DJ Nicholas Scott joined me in the KXUA studio for an interview and to promote Beat Bachs' Halloween Dance Party, which was held at Speakeasy on Friday, October 29th. The party was a smash success...check out the photos here!

Our discussion that night wasn't just about Halloween, though. From CMJ Music Marathon to upcoming local DJ gigs in November, and even Nicholas Scott's dubstep confession, we covered it all. Check out the full interview here:

Wheels of Steel - 10-27-10

Then it was time for the live mix. DJ Nicholas Scott started it off, followed by Baby Armie, and closed out by Beat Bachs. If 70 minutes of blazing electro and infectious disco is your thing, then look no further - download now! If that's not your thing, then I weep for the future.

Wheels of Steel - 10-27-10 Live Mix

Tune in to the next new live episode of DJ EJ's Wheels of Steel on Wednesday, November 17th, from 8pm to 10pm, when my guest will be DJ Mixx Tenn! That's only on KXUA 88.3FM - get the live stream by clicking on the player at the top right corner of this blog!

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