Illustration by Joëlle Storet

During this Thanksgiving week, we can certainly be thankful for the gift of music. In the above illustration by Joëlle Storet, Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun offer thanks to Ra-Horakhty for the gift of his latest album, "Two Horizons". Egyptology jokes aside, last week's Wheels of Steel with DJ Mixx Tenn was an episode for which we can be truly thankful. Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee afforded Mixx Tenn the opportunity of exposure to a variety of musical styles, and this eclecticism is reflected in the songs he chooses for his mixes. Click on the link below to hear his story of life in Memphis, moving to Fayetteville, and making it as a DJ in northwest Arkansas:

Wheels Of Steel - 11-17-10

When it comes to song selection, Mixx Tenn knows how to surprise you. His live mix on KXUA ranged from hip-hop to disco to R&B and funk, spanning 30+ years of music history. Despite this range of styles and time periods, the transitions are seamless and the mix...cooks. Get it here:

Mixx Tenn Live Mix

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and join me on December 1st, 8pm to 10pm, for the next episode of DJ EJ's Wheels of Steel!

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