The Plastic Magic Winter Solstice Show 2010

This is the 3rd annual Winter Solstice show broadcast over air on KXUA Dec. 26th, 2010 featuring local (and this time regional) groups from the 1990's. It is my pleasure to present to you: MULEHEAD, THE COSMIC GIGGLE FACTORY, PUNKINHEAD, SHINDIG SHOP, BILLY GOAT, JUPITER HOLLOW, TOAST, MEDICINE SHOW, THE PRANKS and for the grand finale, the full live recording of a one time tribute concert to Frank Zappa not long after his passing away in 1994. This concert featured Little Rock musicians from various groups, called the PHI ZAPPA KRAPPA PROJECT and was recorded at Juanita's on April 17th, 1994. All of these recordings come from my personal tape collection and some were recorded by me, with no other copies made! DOWNLOAD:podcast 087

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