KXUA Visual History – Part 2…and beyond!

Pictured above is a KXUA DJ recruitment poster advertising a meeting on January 27th, 2005. All this week leading up to our 11th Birthday on Friday, April 1st, we've been posting photo albums on KXUA’s Facebook page illustrating the history, people, promotions, parties, and music that have made KXUA 88.3FM what it is today. The first album posted last Friday was "KRZR and the beginning of KXUA". Since then we've added the albums "KXUA Heritage", "KXUA 88.3FM = Music", and today's addition "KXUA Logos, Promos, and DJ Recruitment". Take a look at all of them here, and check back for more KXUA memorabilia throughout the rest of the week!

~ Eric “DJ EJ” Jensen, KXUA 88.3FM Station Manager

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