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May 11th, 2011 Podcast - Evolution of Animal Signals

Last week, we covered the definition of animal communication and channels through which animals communicate (e.g. visual, auditory, chemical). (No podcast was able to be posted of this show... sorry!).

In this week's episode, we continued our discussion of animal communication with the evolution of animal signals. Download the podcast to learn about competing theories for the function of communication, how raw materials for communication become ritualized over time, and some factors that shape the evolution of signals. We conclude with dishonesty in signaling, as represented by the female Photuris firefly (pictured above), which mimics the flashes of females from another firefly species. The poor, unwitting males, thinking they're coming in for some sweet love, are instead captured and devoured by the deceitful Photuris!

p.s. After two and a half years of NYSK, I will conclude the show's run with a final broadcast next Wednesday, May 18th. Please join me in sending the show off with a bang!

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