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The best spoken word allowed by law

August 19, 2011

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One hour of spoken word, hosted by Doug Shields. The opening story is titled "A Little Bit of Genius." Performers, in order of appearence of are:

- Doug Shields
- leah gould
- Anis Mojgani
- Lois-Ann Yamanaka
- Allen Ginsberg
- Big Poppa E
- Cat Fury
- Leonard Cohen
- Colin Gilbert
- Dr. Mike
- Enfys McMurry
- Gary Mex Glazner
- (found poetry)
- Charles Bukowski
- J.W. Baz
- Iyeoka Okaowo (with Ngomi)
- Marc Smith and the Pong Unit
- Johnny Cash

Broadcast and recorded at KXUA-FM in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Theme music and soundbed by What Army.

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