Plastic Magic Aug. 21, 2011 (podcast # 104)

On this enchanted episode we heard: LIGHTHOUSE (1972), STORIES (1972), FAITH (1973), URIAH HEEP (1972), THE DOORS (1968), CRABBY APPLETON (1970), THE IDES OF MARCH (1970), THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN (1968), ROXY (1969) and much more. Welcome all the new students back to school at the U of A. And for those who don't know (who are just finding out)...welcome to the exciting world of KXUA! Download this free podcast here: podcast # 104

One thought on “Plastic Magic Aug. 21, 2011 (podcast # 104)”

  1. I wish there was more of a recently played stream, sometimes after a busy day I feel like I missed out 🙁
    Plus I like to send stuff to my friends back home & when I do listen I dont always catch the artist name and title for now what IS listed will have to do! Luv it all!

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