The Concrete Schoolyard, y’all!

1,2,3 in the place to be! What's up yo, we're back with a brand new edition of your weekly lesson is the freshest of hip hop.

Speaking of hip hop lessons, we also have the audio from DJ EJ's music party extravaganza, The Wheel's of Steel. Check out the mixes from each DJ recorded live from the show! Especially the underground hip hop set by our very own DJ E-Yo.

But back to business. On this week's show we highlighted brand new release, Camp, from Childish Gambino as our Tape of the Week!
No show next week on Turkey day, but be sure to like the Schoolyard facebook page and stay thankful because we're coming back for another class to wreck your world

Podcast: 11/17/2011
Wheels of Steel: History of Hip Hop Live DJ Mixes
DJ E-Yo's underground hip hop live mix


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