Digital Dance Club: Arkansas Anime Festival Edition (11-13-12)

Hello world!  It's been awhile since I've been able to post one of these, but that doesn't mean the show has been any less alive!  This show is a nice sampler of music I've uncovered from the vault over the past few weeks in preparation for DJ sets at Arkansas Anime Festival!

What's this you ask?  Known as A2F for short, Arkansas Anime Festival is a  Japanese Culture, Anime, Gaming, and Sci-Fi convention happening this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Springdale Convention Center starting at 2:30 pm on Friday and lasting until about 6pm on Sunday night.  There will be anime themed "raves" happening every night of the festival featuring yours truly, DJ Blay and DJ Azrael.  So if you want to hear your favorite Digital Dance Club DJ's doing their thing live, it would be a great idea to come out! Further information about the festival can be found here.

That being said and without further adieu.  I present to you the latest Digital Dance Club! (pardon my French)

Digital Dance Club (11-13-12)




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