New Show – Emo Lost But Not Forgotten

Why, hello there. I'm Michael, KXUA's newest DJ.  You should tune in tonight Mondays from 6-8pm to hear the newest KXUA show, Emo Lost But Not Forgotten. I'll be featuring emo/screamo/skramz music - from the origins of emo in mid-80s D.C. hardcore to the present.

This is not your little sister's or little brother's "emo" - you won't find any white belts,  razor haircuts, or fashioncore here.  Just pure cathartic emo/DIY music from the likes of Moss Icon, Honeywell, Native Nod, Orchid, Off Minor, Daitro, or Algernon Cadwallader.  Bands that play shows like this:

Raein band photo
Raein. Photo by . Athalfred . on Flickr

Still confused?  Tune in to hear actual emo music for the first time.

Update:  Full playlist from the first show is below the jump

Artist Title Album
The Van Pelt My Bouts with Pouncing Sultans of Sentiment
Raein Tigersuit Il Ny A' Pas de Orchestre
Anomie Deny Tradition Discography
Santo Caserio Demolition for a Brighter Future Santo Caserio 10"
Maggat Acrobat A Pacific Puzzle
Hoover Two Down Two-Headed Coin 7" Split with Lincoln
Indian Summer Aren't You an Angel Science
Off Minor Farewell Ne'er Do Well Problematic Courtship
Vulture Smile Downrigger Catholic Guilt
Rain End of My Mind La Vache Qui Rit
Dag Nasty Never Go Back 85-86
Embrace Spoke Embrace
Rites of Spring For Want Of End on End
Moss Icon Moth It Disappears 12"
Merel Lint for Brains Merel
Shotmaker Blocks and Channels Shotmaker/Maximillian Colby Split
Guyver-One My Own Movie Obsessed With
Portraits of Past Something Less Than Intended 01010101
Radio Flyer (312) In Their Strange White Armor
Karate Original Spies Some Boots
Native Nod High Tide in Alaska Today Puberty, Tomorrow the World
Rye Coalition Great Communicator New Sheriff in Town 7"
Neil Perry Nine Minutes of Non-Fiction Lineage Situation
Le Pre Ou Je Suis Mort Terre Promise Le Pre Ou Je Suis Mort
La Quiete Era Quella La Mia Prigione Di Carte 2006 Tour CDR
Saetia One Dying Wish A Retrospective
Daitro Mon Corps/Mes Chiffres Des Cendre, Je Me Consumme
Rescue Your Energy Entertains Me Volume Plus Volume

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