ALBUM REVIEW: Pond – Hobo Rocket

Review by Paige Hermansen

Pond – Hobo Rocket (Modular, 2013)

If the giant, wailing riff that dominates “Giant Tortoise” doesn’t sell you on this Australian rock band, I don’t know what will. Pond has spent the last few years opening for bands whose sound they evoke, and they’re often compared to their more-famous counterparts: Tame Impala, Wild Nothing, and the Smith Westerns. But anything they can do, Pond can do better. Hobo Rocket moves beautifully from swampy psychedelic ballads like “O Dharma” to aggressive rock ‘n’ roll like “Xanman.” Enjoy them before jerks at bars start overplaying them on the jukebox.

Check out the title track song "HOBO ROCKET"

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