A WEEK IN REVIEW: KXUA’s Top 3 tracks

Here are the Top 3 tracks in rotation this week. Give ‘em a listen and tell us what you think.

1. Sam SmithTogether

Shoot mane, this track is funky. Though Disclosure had a lot to do with this track, Sam Smith has made it clear that he is a musical genius. “Together” is the kind of track that has just enough “wah-wahs” that will get you on your feet and dancing, again and again and again. [Ben Fly]

2. Warpaint - Love is to die

“Love Is to Die”, along with the rest of the album, shows that Warpaint has found the sound that they are proud to call their own. It’s a somewhat dark sound, but definitely has more elements put into it than an older Warpaint album. “Love Is to Die” will submerse you in a feeling of deep melancholy, but it’s the kind of melancholy that feels so good. [Ben Fly]

3. Beck - Blue Moon

Much like the album Sea of Change, Blue Moon is heavy with acoustic guitar and mandolin. Beck’s voice is very airy and dissonant, but it feels so full! How does he do that? In Blue Moon, Beck finds himself singing over and over again, “…Don’t leave me on my own…," giving the track a melancholic, and just absolutely beautiful feel. [Ben Fly]

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