A WEEK IN REVIEW: KXUA’s Top 3 tracks

1. "Passing Out Pieces" - Mac Demarco

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2. "Al’s Corral" by Howler


A brash opening to Howler’s new album, “Al’s Corral” is a playful yet gritty track. Their new drummer definitely adds to their punk/college rock sound, allowing them to veer in that direction- full throttle. “What’ve I got to lose? A lotta nothin’.” is the attitude consistent throughout the rest of the album.

3. "Elodie" by Lanterns on the Lake

This track is reminiscent of Explosions in the Sky instrumentally, but the overall effect of it reminds me more of Arcade Fire. They are definitely making a nod toward chamber pop, but the rest of the album illustrates that this is actually a balanced blend of the best parts of pop, rock, and folk. A really well-rounded track, I love it for its swirls and darkenss, but also its mass appeal.

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