KXUA 2017 Vision Update: Changes Subtle And Not So Subtle

In case you haven't seen our last post about it, we've been in the process of making some improvements here at the station. We've completed our first goal by joining Spinitron.com, which greatly improves both the listener experience and makes our work behind the scenes easier. But there's some other things we've tweaked that we'd like to share.

To begin, we've made it to where you can see the current Spinitron playlist immediately under the web players on the KXUA website. It's a little simple, but we're proud of it. More excitingly, we've made it to where if you're listening with the TuneIn app on your mobile or its website, you can see what song is playing live. This is thanks to Spinitron as well!

For our Shoutcast stream, which last year began to see less wide browser support due to its reliance on Flash for the web player, will be updated in the hopefully near future. If all goes to plan, that stream should be working better across the board and also have the music data that TuneIn is already carrying. This had been a previously overlooked part of our modernization efforts, but we thankfully now know how to approach it. We'll keep you posted.

We're also making some behind-the-scenes changes. With our automation system, we've reworked it to focus more on our new and best music from our rotation rather than being more heavily from the catalog. We've done this with care to ensure to have a good balance between our rotation and having a large variety from our whole catalog. Additionally, we've changed our rotation to have 25 discs rather than 30 from our heavy and medium rotations so that albums don't linger for too long. We'll continue to tweak rotation in the future, including some genre-specific additions.


As always, if you have any feedback, cat photos, complaints, praise, etc, you can reach us at kxua@uark.edu.

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