KXUA is a student-run radio station broadcasting out of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We are a non-profit station dedicated to serving the Northwest Arkansas community with the most eclectic blend of music possible.

While we read public service announcements each hour, our format is commercial-free. We never play any songs that have appeared on the Billboard Top 40 charts in the last 50 years. All of our DJs are volunteers, and anyone affiliated with the university (student, faculty, or staff) can apply.

During the day we have “rotation" shifts, where our DJs play several tracks each hour from a set of CDs that have just recently arrived at the studio. The rest of the time they are free to play anything they like, including requests. Beginning at 6 PM on weekdays and all weekend long we have genre shows which can be anything from underground hip-hop to world music to film scores. KXUA also sponsors a few musical events each year and we try to extend our eclecticism to these events.

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Some KXUA DJs podcast their shows and post them here on this blog. They do this for the sole reason of promoting music they love. To request the removal of items from this blog, be it your music or music of an artist you represent, please email kxuaweb@uark.edu. All requests will be dealt with promptly.

A Brief Introduction to the history of KXUA...