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DJ Rori!

On LOUD w/ Rori, I play the underground pop music that was forgotten or skipped over by mainstream Top 40! All the music that should’ve been song of the summer but managed to slip under America’s radar!¬†Show’s every FRIDAY at 12pm!


Hey I’m Ashley, I do chick habit every Thursday 3-5 and I play female lead vocals!


We are The Boom Operator (pictured right) and The Gaffer (pictured left), hosts of The Drive-in Speakerbox every Mon, 8-10pm. We play film scores, soundtracks and review the best and worst movies known to man. We also host Drive-in Speakerbox Tavern Trivia every other Wed at Smoke and Barrel.


This is Jules Rules the Radio airing every Tuesday from 12pm – 1pm where I play music that rules. I play anything from edm to alternative music so get ready for your ears to be amused and confused.


DJ Jordan here. Host of Mostly Local, bringing you sweet local music from the state (as well as from a few surrounding states) every Saturday from 5pm-7pm.


I’m Deanne Monae, a graduating senior from Little Rock, AR majoring in Journalism for Ad/PR & marketing. “Jazzmatic Mornings” is the show from 9-11am on every “Jazztastic Tuesday” bringing classic, contemporary, and smooth jazz to U of A and NWA.


I’m DJ K and I bring you the Happier Hour every Wednesday morning 12 am to 1 am. I am really into Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and indie. I play a lot of Trap, Midtempo, and just straight dance music. You are sure to dance if you listen! Plus, I’ll keep you up to date with local EDM concerts and events. I’m sure you will see me there too. I hope you listen and it gives you a chance to practice your moves!


Hey this is Benny Fever from Benny Fever’s Action Hour! I usually try to keep my sound pretty current and mix in a few of my favorite new tracks, but I do enjoy dabbling in the oldie goodies. My favorite genres include folk, punk, rock, garage, brit rock, dance, electronica, pop rock, alternative rock, bluegrass, indie pop, house, New York Rock, blues, r&b, shoegaze, and I’m rambling now…. But the list goes on! Benny Fever’s Action Hour airs from 9-10 on Tuesday nights! Tune in and thanks for listening to 88.3 KXUA Fayetteville!


TrappedUP. with AfrosiaJ
Saturday Nights from 7:00pm-9:00pm

Let the TRAP hit that spot within that craves a highly anticipated bass drop! Tune in Saturday Nights to get your dose of Trap remixes/mixes ranging from hip-hop, alternative and pop.


I’m DJ Kaitlyn bringing you Indie and psychedelic rock every Friday night from Midnight- 2am on my show Funky Jams and Groovy Tunes.

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8 thoughts on “Meet the DJs”

  1. Just found your shortwave broadcast on 7490Khz at about 6:20 mountain time in Billings, Montana. Love the music.
    Receiving the broadcast on a Yeasu FT-757GX ham radio using a K-40 mobile CB antenna stuck to a large tool box in my basement apartment. Average signal strength is S-6 to S-7. It is fading in and out.
    R.E. Klaus

  2. A radio where I work was put on this station while I was at lunch today. When I got back I was so amazed. I have never liked listening to the radio before but I completely adore what is happening on this station.

    Is there a way I can get a list of the songs that were playing from 1:50 p.m to around 2:15 p.m on Monday 10/26/2015? There was one song being played that was really really good.

  3. Today, in Chattanooga, TN, a university student made the assumption that his school’s radio station would be as good as this one. He was wrong. Keep keeping it fresh KXUA.

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