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  1. Just found your shortwave broadcast on 7490Khz at about 6:20 mountain time in Billings, Montana. Love the music.
    Receiving the broadcast on a Yeasu FT-757GX ham radio using a K-40 mobile CB antenna stuck to a large tool box in my basement apartment. Average signal strength is S-6 to S-7. It is fading in and out.
    R.E. Klaus

  2. A radio where I work was put on this station while I was at lunch today. When I got back I was so amazed. I have never liked listening to the radio before but I completely adore what is happening on this station.

    Is there a way I can get a list of the songs that were playing from 1:50 p.m to around 2:15 p.m on Monday 10/26/2015? There was one song being played that was really really good.

  3. Today, in Chattanooga, TN, a university student made the assumption that his school’s radio station would be as good as this one. He was wrong. Keep keeping it fresh KXUA.

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