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The Gutter ++ ARKANSAS PUNK!!

Don't miss the show tonight!! Plaid Jackets, Genome Chomsky, Magic Hassle, and Fire Don't Care

If you missed today's episode of the Gutter you missed interviews with DJ.EJ of KXUA/Art Amiss, Fire Don't Care, and Well, Well, Well....  I also played all of the radio-friendly tracks off the compilation, 22 tracks total on the CD.  Be one of the first 100 humans at Smoke and Barrel tonight and get your own copy of the Arkansas Punk Compilation with original sleeve art from 6 different artists, including myself!!  The Compilation will be available for a free digital download soon, keep your eyeballs peeled!

If you missed the show-- never fear! There is, as always, a podcast for your face holes!!

Arkansas Punk Compilation Gutter