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Concert Review: Calliope Musicals

Our very own Sean Turley was able to see Calliope Musicals at George's Majestic Lounge last Saturday, and shares his thoughts in this concert review.

Calliope Musicals is a group from Austin, Texas with five members: Carrie Fussell, Craig Finkelstein, Josh Bickley, Chris Webb and Andrew Vizzone. The group had an opening to remember for Groovement (a native Fayetteville band) on Nov. 12 at George’s Majestic lounge.

The stage was lined with signs that had massive smiling faces on them. The group’s special effects team consisted of one man, who was constantly manipulating the lights or dressing up in costume for each song to add a unique flare to the message they were trying to send through their music, at one particular instance when the group was performing their special effects person was dressed in an inflatable bear costume riding a dinosaur while holding up two signs saying “Stay Alive”, something I’ve never seen in a performance. The apparel the members of the band sported were modern, and traditional at the same time, giving the appearance of a true “Psychedelic Party Folk” band, and their music definitely fit the role. Most of the lyrics in their songs were motivational and positive. The main message the group tried to send is to do what you love, and make what you love as fulfilling for your life, and other’s lives around you. The most memorable quote of the night came from the lead singer, Carrie Fussell, “There is too much good in the world to let the bad be in charge”.

Most of the group’s music stayed synonymous and congruent with the same general message; to live a positive life and follow your dreams no matter how often you are told not to do so. This band radiated positive tunes that any person could jam to.

One respectable aspect of Calliope Musicals was the performance of the group through their ability to connect with the audience. The group made their performance about being in touch with the audience and truly performing for them, not just playing another gig or concert set. The concert felt like more of a performance than anything else. Fussel let a story unfold before the audience’s eyes it felt almost as if it was a play, or an act trying to send a subliminal message the crowd could take home with them, a lesson of morals and respect for all people alike, filled with positive exclamatory remarks.

The experience of seeing a group of musicians interact with the crowd and drawing their energy from the support of the crowd was very uplifting. Calliope Musicals displayed how in touch they strive to be with their audience, and showed what made them so unique as a musical group;their uncanny ability to interact with the crowd, Fussell came down to the audience’s level to have a conversation with them, sharing her gratitude to be performing, while handing out signs that read “Enjoy”. They catered to their audience and it definitely made the impact they were hoping for with the level of returned interaction from the audience, the people in the crowd all felt as if they were a part of the performance, with Calliope Musicals. The level of inclusion they try to have with their audience is whimsical, respectable, and completely positive, I’ll look forward to seeing them again if they ever make it back to Fayetteville.