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When we have a band in studio we record it so we can play it over and over for the cool kids.

I Got Interviewed For A Podcast And It Went Straight To My Head


If you hadn't seen on our Twitter or Facebook, we were very recently featured on Radio Survivor's podcast and blog. Having just started being the station manager here in the summer, it's been a rush both traveling the country and getting to know and talk with others in the college/community radio community. There's also something exciting about being on the other side of an interviewer's microphone.

I think I might be just a touch narcissistic, because I listened to the podcast three times the day it published. Being a journalist myself, it's always odd being on the other side of the microphone but it's also nothing short of fun to hear yourself on someone else's program.

I also love that I had the opportunity to share my passion for college radio with someone who very much embodies it, Jennifer Waits. She's done over 100 visits to stations across the nation, and she was also at the CBI conference in Philadelphia where we both got to tour WKDU at Drexel.

Being on the podcast and talking with Jennifer has inspired me to see more of radio than I have before, and I hope that I'll be able to visit some stations here in Arkansas soon enough and do a proper write-up. There's a couple of new low-power FM stations here in Fayetteville that could make a nice start.