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Hey DJs,

Here are the proposed sticker designs. Please vote for one in the comments section or if you don't have a google account you can e-mail me at or with your vote.

#1: Old Faithful

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Howdy Folks!

Another great show in the bag, I played music from:

The Ninth Gate - Wojeciech Kilar - (1999)
28 Days Later - John Murphey & Brian Eno - (2002)
Paprika - Susumu Hirasawa (2006)
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - Michael Kamen - (1991)
Agatha - Johnny Mandel - (1979)
Twilight Zone: The Movie - Jerry Goldsmith - (1983)
The Hobbit - Maury Laws & Jules Bass - (1977)
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm - Shirley Walker - (1993)
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - Stu Phillips - (1979)


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