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oh man this is so exciting....

what to say what to say.. first of all i better introduce myself. my name is melanie. i am anti-shift key. i hope it's not too annoying for you guys. i am a new dj at kxua, although i'm definately not new to the university. my dj name is smell. i have two cats. i live in a house and my roommates and i throw shows. we call the house "New Deli". and i am in a band called tippy canoe. we are an all girl band that doesn't know how to play instruments.. though we try and we are learning.. so if you are into that you could come see us play.. if not then maybe you should stay away... ha.

so anyway, and now some news...
there is a show tonight at my house. i am really excited about it. the bands are transmography and church of the snake the show starts at 9. my address is 503 w Prospect--fayetteville.

also, i am going to start a childrens show on sundays from 8-10. not this weekend, but next. though there will be a lengthy preview of what that show will be like this sunday. chirstopher bell from new york will be in town this weekend and i am going to let him play a show on the radio since we couldn't find him a show here in town this week. so if you listen in and like his stuff please give me a call up there so we can let him know.

well i guess thats all i've got for now.

KXUA Charts for 10/2/2007

Top 30 (Reported to CMJ Radio 200)
1 SHOUT OUT LOUDS Our Ill Wills Merge
2 GALACTIC From The Corner To The Block Anti
3 MARIEE SIOUX Faces In The Rocks Grass Roots
4 DIRTY PROJECTORS Rise Above Dead Oceans
5 TTC 3615 Big Dada
6 RADIO MOSCOW Radio Moscow Alive
7 MOTHER AND THE ADDICTS Science Fiction Illustrated Chemikal Underground
8 ANGEL AND THE LOVE MONGERS The Humanist Queen Rock Snob
9 BARONESS Red Album Relapse
10 YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS Colossal Youth And Collected Works
11 VOICE OF THE SEVEN WOODS Voice Of The Seven Woods B-Music
14 ADRIAN ORANGE Adrian Orange And Her Band K
15 BLACK LIPS Good Bad Not Evil Vice
16 TALIB KWELI Eardrum Warner Bros.
17 BOUGOUNI YAALALI Bougouni Yaalali Yaala Yaala
18 ANIMAL COLLECTIVE Strawberry Jam Domino
19 SONGS OF GREEN PHEASANT Gyllyng Street Fat Cat
20 SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO Attack Decay Sustain Release Interscope
21 MABUSES Mabused Magpie
22 CALVIN HARRIS I Created Disco Almost Gold
23 THURSTON Trees Outside The Academy Ecstatic Peace
24 SLEEPING STATES There The Open Spaces
26 TROLLEYVOX Your Secret Safe Transit of Venus
27 FRANK BASILE QUINTET Thursday The 12th
28 AMON TOBIN Foley Room Ninja Tune
29 AKRON/FAMILY Love Is Simple Young God
30 CHRIS POTTER Underground Sunny Side

Top 200 Adds
1 STARS In Our Bedroom After The War Arts And Crafts
2 ELECTRIC SIX I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being The Master Metropolis
3 FIERY FURNACES Widow City Thrill Jockey
4 OF MONTREAL Icons, Abstract Thee [EP] Polyvinyl
5 MOBIUS BAND Heaven Misra

Dance/Electronic (Submitted to CMJ RPM)
1 VHS OR BETA Bring On The Comets Astralwerks
3 DJ KENTARO Enter Ninja Tune
4 LOS MONO Somos Los Que Estamos SONIC360
5 BOB MARLEY Roots, Rock, Remixed Quango
6 SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO Attack Decay Sustain Release Interscope
7 LUKE VIBERT Chicago, Detroit, Redruth Planet Mu
8 CALVIN HARRIS I Created Disco Almost Gold
9 VARIOUS ARTISTS Cinematic: Classic Film Music Remixed Six Degrees
10 DARKO Ninja Tune

Hip-Hop/Rap (Submitted to CMJ Hip-Hop)
1 TALIB KWELI Eardrum Warner Bros.
2 TTC 3615 Big Dada
3 GALACTIC From The Corner To The Block Anti
4 CHRISTIAN SCOTT Anthem Concord
5 SHAPE OF BROAD MINDS Craft Of The Lost Art Lex
6 RAS MYRHDAK Prince Of Fyah, Vol. 1
7 AESOP ROCK None Shall Pass Definitive Jux
8 S.K.I.P. Autobiographicology Nonsense
9 CROOKED STILO Malhablados Fonovisa
10 BROTHER READE Rap Music Record Collection