KXUA’s Top 5 of 2016: Co-Music Director Ben Fly

Over the next week or so, we’ll be posting some of our Top 5 albums of the year list from our executive board and from our DJs. Today’s list comes from Benjamin Fly, one of our two Co-Music Directors. We look forward to publishing more soon! – Ed.

1) Andrew Bird – Are You Serious (Loma Vista)
Coming in at number one this year is Andrew Bird’s ‘Are You Serious’. By far and away, this will absolutely be one of the cleanest and best produced albums you’ve heard in a long time. Of course, this album is full of his signature violin picking and velvet voice, but each song is so well written and memorable that you can’t help but play them over and over in your head. Also, as a bonus track on ‘Are You Serious’, Andrew Bird has released “Pulaski”, a song that alone proves this man’s genius. This album is beautiful.

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