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  1. You guys have been playing some french alternative song in rotation that I love – it haunts my dreams. All I know is that the verse has three descending notes, female vocalist. I have searched every french alternative music chart and cannot find the name of this song. Please help.

    (I know it was on around 7am on Wednesday March 5)

  2. That was from our automation, and honestly, it could be anything. Do you have any more descriptions other than haunting, french alternative? It’s probably something that is 3+ years old, at least.

  3. Hey Ryan! This is your cousin in Kerrville, Tx. Great radio voice except you talk way too fast. 🙂 Love the music!

  4. I’m a big fan of The Mind-Bending Mega Show. I’ve almost figured out how I’m going to pirate it. I won’t be douchey and repeat what everyone else said about wanting to see the playlist in real time. But it *would* be nice. (And make it easier for me to steal.)

  5. Listening in at around 5:55-6:15, a few tracks sounded really awesome. Any way I could find the name of them/their artists?

  6. Listen to you guys all the time on my iPhone via “TuneIn” radio app here in DFW. It would be GREAT if you posted and UPDATED current playlists (like you used to)…. Great station BTW….

  7. I was listening to Chill in Fayetteville around 4:15 and this track with some vampire weekend guitar sound came on. I wanted to know what song or band that was.

  8. I wish there was a playlist that was visible on kxua’s website (if there is a playlist, I have not been able to find it). I often listen late at night, and sometimes I hear a song that I like, but have no way to learn the name of the song or the artist that wrote it.

  9. Ted’s Time for Tunes played a song twice that I can’t figure out even though I typed in part of the lyrics in google. It was sung by a girl; throwback retro 80’s fun song. “let go of your dreams and they’ll come true” was part of the song

  10. Hey- DJ Tim. Was excited to hear that you’re playing Unwed Sailor on the show today. I manage local band Randall Shreve & The Sideshow- our guitar player, Danny Klein, was Unwed Sailor’s guitar man.

  11. So that’s what that call was! Sorry I didn’t pick up in time. I thought the flashing light was some kind of alarm signifying impending doom. Cheers to Danny and the rest of the band. I was happy to play Unwed Sailor, it’s good stuff. Thanks for reaching out Heather, I’m really happy to get feedback. You made my day.

  12. I really wish the Morning Brew w/ DJ Drew was on every morning. It makes my drive more enjoyable than listening to prank calls and whatever else is on the other radio stations.

  13. Love the shows on Tuesday and Wednesdays from 4-5pm. For those who want to know what song is playing, my trick is Siri. If you have an Iphone you can just ask her what song is playing and she will tell you, most of the time anyway.

    Two thumbs up!

  14. Dude this station is always my jam. Keep up the good work, I always love the variety. I’m never bored.
    Someone hook me up with a job here.

  15. Would you please email me the playlist starting at 1pm. We heard some songs on there that we really liked and don’t know who they are by.

  16. Really enjoy The Super Spectacular Shoegaze Spectacular Show! Has a lot of new and eclectic music that uplifts and inspires one to stretch the mind of music into new horizons. Appreciate Cody Nielson and all the work he does to bring this style of music more into the mainstream. Kudos! Keep up the good work. You’re doing an amazing job!

  17. Hey there! I’m from Chicago and first saw The Drive-in Speakerbox guys on periscope and I really loved the show! Since the scoping is on hiatus i’m swimming in the live stream 🙂

  18. when i lived in upland (91784) i listened to kspc ( when i moved to AR, i thought my daysof college radio were over. im glad to have cound this station. thank you all

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