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A Public Service Announcement is KXUA’s way to promote events and activities of the U of A’s Registered Student Organizations, Departmental Groups, and other local nonprofits at no cost. These Public Service announcements will be read live over the airwaves by our DJs. Please keep announcements concise and accurate for their on-air broadcast and submit announcements at least 10 days in advance.

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  1. Cory Jensen · July 1, 2014

    Hey all! So this isn’t a registered “student run” event by any means as I am not a student but I think it would be of large interest of the student body. I run a diy house show venue in the Fayetteville area called the Cat’s Cradle and on August 13th we will be hosting the world renowned spoken word artist Levi The Poet on his tour celebrated the release of his most recent LP Cataracts. I would love to get a little bit of extra promotion for the event through your radio station if at all possible as I think this will be a big one. Feel free to ask any questions that could help with promoting the event if that is at all a possibility.