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Insomnia: Weirdest in Classical

The Zymo-Xyl was one of the many instruments Harry Partch invented and used in his music.

Hey everybody,

Here's the 18th episode of Insomnia recorded on February 25th.  The theme was "The Weirdest of Classical" and I played pieces by Harry Partch, Philip Glass, Terry Riley, and Steve Reich among others.  Follow the instructions below to download the podcast.  I hope it bring you many pleasure.

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Hey!  Also hold tight for the March 4th episode dedicated to bands who have named themselves after animals.

Oh!  And catch me tomorrow afternoon from noon to 2pm as I boldly take on punk music by doing The Gutter!!! while Chrustay is out of town.

Episode 20: Teri Card Heller

This week sees local composer Teri Card Heller guest hosting with me! We take a little bit of time to talk about her music, and listen to music she's written and music she likes. Furthermore, she's got a show this Thursday (the 12th, at 8 pm) at Teatro Scarpino! She's really cool (and the first composer to endorse Over Mozart's Dead Body!), so make sure to listen and go to her show.

Here's her official bio: Teri Card Heller is a local classical composer who works from her studio in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where she composes for mostly films and chamber concerts. In the majority of her music, Teri aims to express human universals - emotions, life experiences, thoughts, and dreams - through both the abstract and programmatic nature of music. With a broad range of influences - including Minimalism, Baroque, various 19th and 20th century Russian and French composers, film music, Balinese gamelan, and African rhythms - Teri enjoys writing for any ensemble and medium. Teri has a Master of Fine Arts in music composition from California Institute of the Arts. She has studied through scholarships in Ireland and Japan, has had a performance of her large-ensemble work, “Glorious Youth,” at RedCat Disney Hall in downtown LA, and was a grant recipient and film music intern in LA through the “Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.” Her music is often described as intense and moving - with rhythmic pulses, lyrical melodies, and moody harmonies.

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