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The Concrete Schoolyard, y’all!

1,2,3 in the place to be! What's up yo, we're back with a brand new edition of your weekly lesson is the freshest of hip hop.

Speaking of hip hop lessons, we also have the audio from DJ EJ's music party extravaganza, The Wheel's of Steel. Check out the mixes from each DJ recorded live from the show! Especially the underground hip hop set by our very own DJ E-Yo.

But back to business. On this week's show we highlighted brand new release, Camp, from Childish Gambino as our Tape of the Week!
No show next week on Turkey day, but be sure to like the Schoolyard facebook page and stay thankful because we're coming back for another class to wreck your world

Podcast: 11/17/2011
Wheels of Steel: History of Hip Hop Live DJ Mixes
DJ E-Yo's underground hip hop live mix


WHEELS OF STEEL – Final Broadcast

by Joëlle Storet

(Illustration by Joëlle Storet) On Wednesday, May 25th, I broadcast my final episode of DJ EJ's Wheels Of Steel on KXUA. The University of Arkansas servers were down during the show, resulting in the KXUA webstream not working as well. Thus many of you, particularly out of town friends and family, were unable to listen. Fear not! Here's the podcast, featuring many heartfelt thanks, a replay of "The Cheapest Drinks on Dickson", a blazing 82 minute final live mix, and an extended show promo compiling the voices of some of Wheels Of Steel's most noteworthy guests. Download the full final episode here:

Wheels Of Steel 05-25-11

Want to cut through all the treacle? Get just the live mix here:

Wheels Of Steel Live Mix

Thanks to all the DJs who appeared on the show, Joëlle Storet, Sarah Levine, and last but certainly not least, all the fans. All the best...Soli Deo Gloria.


WHEELS OF STEEL – Syrian Solidarity Mix

Illustration by Sarah Levine

Illustration by Sarah Levine

On May 11th, I recorded live on KXUA a mix of Arabic music, Arabic influenced music, and music which derived samples from originally Arabic compositions. Many of the songs have personal meaning for me, Assi Helani's Ahebak Jedan is but one of many songs my Syrian friends taught me to sing while we worked together on the excavation. I distinctly remember listening to the Cheb Khalid song, Abdel Kader, while driving late at night through the Ghab Valley with American and Syrian friends. The Chemical Brothers' song, Galvanize, derives its powerful string sample from the song Hadi Kedba Bayna (Just Tell Me the Truth) by Najat Aatabou. Q-Tip's lyrical call to galvanize is timely, considering the struggle the Syrian people are currently engaged in for their freedom. Today, as the Syrian military shelled its own citizens in Maarat al-Numan, surrounded Jisr al-Shaghour with soldiers and helicopter gunships, and killed livestock and torched fields in the surrounding countryside, my thoughts and prayers are with the Syrian people and most of all my friends, who live but two miles south of Jisr al-Shaghour. Most of these songs have no political overtones. They're about love and relationships (you'll come to recognize the frequently used word "habibi" - "my beloved"). However, after twelve years of working there, what better way to express the love I have for Syria, her people, and my Syrian friends with these songs. I think of them often, pray for their safety, and dedicate this mix to them:

Syrian Solidarity Mix

1. Fairouz - Wa Habibi
فيروز -واه حبيبي
2. Toufic Farroukh - Lili S'en Fout
توفيق فرّوخ –لي سي فوا
3. Najwa Karam - Habeeb El Zain (Remix)
نجوى كرم- حبيبي الزين
4. Sharif - Shiraz
شريف –سيراز
5. Diana Hadad - Ghaltity
ديانا حداد- غلطيتي
6. Assi Helani - Ahebak Jedan
عاصي الحلاني – أحبك جداً
7. Hisham Abbas - Intil Waheeda
هشام عباس- إنت وحيدة
8. Cheb Hasni - Bledi
شاب حسني- بليدي
9. Rashid Taha - Ya Rayah
رشيد طاها- يارايح
10. Amr Diab - Habibi
عمر ذياب- حبيبي
11. Gypsy Kings - Habibi
جيبسي كينغ- حبيبي
12. Anouar Brahem - Ronda
أنور إبراهيم- روندا
13. The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize
ذا كيميكل بروذر- غالثانيز
14. Aleen Khalaf - Ya Zeen
ألين خلف- يا زين
15. Amr Diab - El Alim Allah
عمر ذياب- العليم الله
16. Anouar Brahem - Kerkenah
أنور إبراهيم- كركينه
17. Cheb Khaled - Abdel Kader
شاب خالد- عبد القادر

WHEELS OF STEEL – Chill Vol. 1

(Illustration by Sarah Levine)

Nineties trip-hop, a fitting soundtrack to all of the damp, cold, and rainy weather of the past couple weeks in northwest Arkansas or...lazy summer days (beginning today I hope). It's cool, it's chill, it's atmospheric...however you want to describe it. Whatever the weather, drop this in for some Massive Attack, Portishead, and Morcheeba mixed with other old and new music, not all trip-hop, but definitely mellow. Download the full mix (recorded live on KXUA 88.3FM April 6th, 2011) here:

Wheels of Steel - Chill Vol. 1

WHEELS OF STEEL – 56 Minutes of Funk!

(Illustration by Sarah Levine)

"Don't mess aroun' with Foxy Brown. She's the meanest chick in town! She's brown sugar and spice, but if you don't treat her nice, she'll put you on ice!" For this mix (recorded live on KXUA 88.3FM on March 9th, 2011), I'm bringin' the funk and breakin' the funk barrier...and throwing in a little disco when you least expect it. Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll over to download my 56 Minutes of Funk! mix here:

Wheels of Steel - 56 Minutes of Funk!