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KXUA’s Broadcast Service Area…and how you can help!

Viewshed (line of sight) analysis results approximating KXUA broadcast range

Following the installation of KXUA's new transmitter in September, I asked friends in the University of Arkansas' CAST (Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies) to assist in calculating KXUA's broadcast range in northwest Arkansas. The first approach was a viewshed analysis of the entire area that is visible from a particular location, in this case, the KXUA antenna. The high points surrounding Fayetteville, Mount Sequoyah to the east in particular, act to limit the distance visible from the KXUA antenna. This analysis does not take into account the ability of radio waves to bend (further analyses will accomplish this) and so its accuracy is lacking in some areas. That's where you, the local KXUA listener, can help!

Visit the ArcGIS website page where this initial analysis has been published. Click on the small map image to view a larger version of the map (if a window appears saying it's having trouble loading, click "OK" and it should load) which you can zoom in and out of. Enter your address in the search window in the upper right hand corner of the screen and you can locate your residence within or outside of the line of sight of KXUA's antenna. Zoom out to see where you are in relation to the green, yellow, and red lines. If you live or are driving outside of the area encircled by those lines and still get KXUA 88.3FM on your radio, we want to know! Comment on this post with the closest town and/or zip code to where you heard KXUA.

Have an iPhone? You can view your location in relation to the KXUA Service Map using the ESRI ArcGIS app. It's free to download (just do a search in the app store for "arcgis") and you can load and use the KXUA Service Map wherever you may be in Northwest Arkansas. Here's how:

1. Open the ArcGIS app and select "Find Maps".
2. Hit the magnifying glass search button in the upper right hand corner.
3. Type in a search for "KXUA 88.3" and the KXUA Service Area map will come up.
4. Select that map and ArcGIS will open it on the map page.
5. Using your fingers you can zoom in and zoom out, and by touching the crosshairs in the bottom right hand corner, you'll activate the GPS, telling you exactly where you are in relation to the KXUA Service Map boundaries.
6. Once again, if you're outside of the area delineated by the green, yellow, and red lines on the screen, we want to know! Comment on this post and tell us where you were. My friends at CAST and I will be able to edit the boundaries based on listener suggestions!

If you're heading out of town for Thanksgiving break, see how far you can go before losing KXUA's signal, having a passenger (you keep your eyes on the road!) in your car checking your location in relation to the KXUA Service Map on your iPhone. Happy Thanksgiving greetings and safe travels to all our listeners!


Eric Jensen
KXUA 88.3FM Station Manager