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ARKANSAS PUNK!! Compilation Download Link

Poster design by Joëlle Storet

The Art Amiss and KXUA 88.3FM sponsored Arkansas Punk music compilation was released on Saturday, February 6th, 2010, at Smoke & Barrel tavern in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Four bands on the compilation - Genome Chomsky, The Plaid Jackets, Fire Don't Care, and Magic Hassle - played to a packed house of rowdy punks. The first 100 people in attendance each received a uniquely packaged CD copy of the compilation. If you were the 101st body through the door or you live nowhere near Arkansas, fear not! Here's the link to download the entire 22 song compilation, including the track list, band bios, and CD label and advertising poster artwork. Enjoy and share with the favorite punks in your life...

Arkansas Punk Compilation

~ Eric "DJ EJ" Jensen, Art Amiss/KXUA 88.3FM

The Gutter ++ ARKANSAS PUNK!!

Don't miss the show tonight!! Plaid Jackets, Genome Chomsky, Magic Hassle, and Fire Don't Care

If you missed today's episode of the Gutter you missed interviews with DJ.EJ of KXUA/Art Amiss, Fire Don't Care, and Well, Well, Well....  I also played all of the radio-friendly tracks off the compilation, 22 tracks total on the CD.  Be one of the first 100 humans at Smoke and Barrel tonight and get your own copy of the Arkansas Punk Compilation with original sleeve art from 6 different artists, including myself!!  The Compilation will be available for a free digital download soon, keep your eyeballs peeled!

If you missed the show-- never fear! There is, as always, a podcast for your face holes!!

Arkansas Punk Compilation Gutter

Episode 20: Teri Card Heller

This week sees local composer Teri Card Heller guest hosting with me! We take a little bit of time to talk about her music, and listen to music she's written and music she likes. Furthermore, she's got a show this Thursday (the 12th, at 8 pm) at Teatro Scarpino! She's really cool (and the first composer to endorse Over Mozart's Dead Body!), so make sure to listen and go to her show.

Here's her official bio: Teri Card Heller is a local classical composer who works from her studio in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where she composes for mostly films and chamber concerts. In the majority of her music, Teri aims to express human universals - emotions, life experiences, thoughts, and dreams - through both the abstract and programmatic nature of music. With a broad range of influences - including Minimalism, Baroque, various 19th and 20th century Russian and French composers, film music, Balinese gamelan, and African rhythms - Teri enjoys writing for any ensemble and medium. Teri has a Master of Fine Arts in music composition from California Institute of the Arts. She has studied through scholarships in Ireland and Japan, has had a performance of her large-ensemble work, “Glorious Youth,” at RedCat Disney Hall in downtown LA, and was a grant recipient and film music intern in LA through the “Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.” Her music is often described as intense and moving - with rhythmic pulses, lyrical melodies, and moody harmonies.

Click here to download!

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And make sure to check out her website!