KXUA Contacts

The KXUA offices are located in Room A657 on the sixth floor of the Arkansas Union.  You may stop by to pick up or drop off DJ applications, submit physical copies of music, or chat with any KXUA executive board member. All other contact information is listed below:


Main office - 479.575.4273

Studio and request line - 479.575.5883


Station Manager

Austin Cash- kxua@uark.edu
Phone: 479-575-4273

Office hours: TTH 12-2

WF 12-2


Music Directors

Emma Presley and Josiah Johnson charts@uark.edu

Emma's office hours: M 1-4 pm, F 10-1


Josiah's office hours: MWF 11-2

Promotions Director

Heath Anderson- promo@uark.edu



Program Director

Kesa Mitchell - onair@uark.edu

Physical Submissions

Please read the KXUA Music Submission Policy before sending.


Music Director

KXUA Radio

A657 Arkansas Union

Fayetteville, AR 72701

Vinyl? No thanks. Unless you want to.

We don't play vinyl on KXUA, unfortunately, but if you feel compelled to send records to us anyway, we wouldn't mind.


  1. I’m trying to reach the host of Black Coffee. She bought a book from me at Nightbird Books on Tuesday night that I mistakenly thought was for the book club she wanted to be a part of. Please let her know she can exchange the book she bought for the correct one anytime she wants to come by the store. We hope to see her again soon.

    Josh at Nightbird Books

  2. Hello Michael, it would be extremely handy if it were automatic. In early July we switched automation systems to a relatively new system called Rivendale. We run it through a menagerie of cpu’s running Linux’s Ubuntu. While there is a log of songs that played, there is not, at the moment, a simple way to continuously scrobble our playlists that we’re aware of. If you would like to know a certain song that played when a DJ isn’t in.. email kxuadj@uark.edu or kxua@uark.edu, and let us know around what time the song played, and we can let you know what played around then. Thanks for listening, we hope to be able to fix it with an upcoming update to Rivendale.

  3. Attention all djs! I am trying to figure out what song I’ve heard a couple of times now. I usually can just google lyrics and find it, but no dice. I heard it today 10/15/2015 at 5ish maybe. It’s got a female singer and it goes a little something like this: “you’ve got a pocketfull of gold, this game your playing is getting old”. Some other stuff kinda like ‘I’m losing what we’ve got’. ‘It might be a little, it’s not a lot.’

  4. Do you post your playlists anywhere? I’m probably now your core listener demographic, but I was listening today around 5:15pm and heard a catchy tune. The main lyric seemed to be “feel that shirt”.
    Any idea what that song was?


  5. Hi Joe,

    We don’t normally post our playlists, but when people ask what song was playing at a given time we try our best to identify it. I checked our logs for the time you specified but I can’t seem to find a song that fits your description. What was playing around that time was “Always” by James Blake followed by “Afterlife” by The Secret Sea. Do either of these sound right?

  6. Lucas or others, can you list what would have been playing between 9:05am – 9:15am July 5th 2016? There was an amazing retrowave/outrun sounding song playing. Thanks in advance

  7. Hello,

    I am the adviser of WEGL 91.1 FM, Auburn University’s student radio station. Our station is benchmarking underwriting and DJ services offered at college radio stations.

    If you are willing, please answer the following questions:
    – Does your station underwrite?
    – What are the underwriting rates?
    – Who is responsible for selling the underwriting? (Student or full time staff member)
    – Does your station offer DJ services for groups/events on campus?
    – Does your station charge for DJ services?

    Thank you for your time! WEGL is happy to return the favor in assisting KXUA!

    Brit Bowen

  8. Every night around 4:20 [lol] am, a song plays as im on the way home from dropping my boyfriend at work. Its super depressing and relatable and i can’t find it online anywhere. Here’s a snippet of the lyrics PLEASE tell me what it is: “I can’t breathe, im trapped beneath the pedestal you built for me. Get in the shower with me, wash devotion off of me. When love was new, you hung my drawings on the wall and said they look like truth. Now I draw you, each line appears a face im less and less connected to”.

  9. Paxton & Pierce spot was great today! Car story was so, so, so funny! Good luck guys this semester. Listening on TubeIn app in Dallas……

  10. Haha, we just got a new Automation system around that time, so there were a few technical difficulties. I know it would play the same songs at the same time of day for nearly a month, but we update Automation every week and we have 40 DJs playing shows throughout the week! Hopefully you think it’s better now! (:

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