The Student Media Podcast

Every Monday morning at 8 am, Heidi Kirk hosts The Student Media Podcast! An interview hour where you can get the top headlines of the day, listen to the inside scoop from reporters, and hear from the student media leaders!

Heidi Kirk a Broadcast Journalism major. She is the Director of Student Media, UATV Volunteer and Recruitment Coordinator, a UATV news anchor, and a staff photographer for the Arkansas Traveler.

EPISODE 1Heidi Kirk interviews Khadn Adderley

EPISODE 2Heidi Kirk interviews Katelyn Duby

EPISODE 3 – Heidi Kirk interviews Ally Heiland

Episode 4Heidi Kirk interviews Nyasha Bgoni

Episode 5 –  Heidi Kirk interviews Sean Rhomberg

Episode 6 –  Heidi Kirk interviews Jeremiah Williams

Episode 7 –  Heidi Kirk interviews Abbi Ross

Episode 8 – Heidi Kirk interviews Sarah Komar

Episode 9 Heidi Kirk interviews Michael Adkison

Episode 10 – Heidi Kirk interviews Sarah Caster

Episode 11 – Heidi Kirk interviews Emma Presley

Episode 12 – Heidi Kirk interviews Heath Anderson

Episode 13 – coming soon!